Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

I pinky swear promise that I've been keeping up with this project!!! I've just been too tired to post. Here's a look into the comings and goings of our family...

Hannah has taken her whole princess infatuation to the next level and is now obsessed with the bride princess... Here she is rocking my wedding veil.

Hannah's tower of birthday cupcakes. We were all really suprised at how much those little princesses digged the "mini" size. They started inhaling them so quickly, we actually had to remove the tower.

Just a typical Monday with Daddy. Those days always seem to include chips and salsa.

Yeah, this is what I was dealing with the last time I went grocery shopping. A sassy three year old dressed as Snow White making this face at EVERYONE. Nice.

The new Draper Temple.

I bought this Birthday Girl badge when Hannah turned one and we pull it out each year. She LOVES wearing it! You'd be suprised how much attention a little girl wearing a badge gets at Wal-mart. It makes her feel soooo special. It is one of my favorite family traditions.

Tickled pink by the Super Special Princess Birthday Cake Daddy let her pick out from the book at Target. He's such a softie!

This was the view from Bug's room the other night and I just had to capture it. Hannah had just thrown a poopy pull-up all over her room but when I saw this it just made my heart say, "Ahhhhh." One of the reasons I love living near snowy mountains so very much.
They are magical.

Our current and future business school students. Hannah is obesessed with Scott's school work. Whenever, she see's her Daddy pull out his laptop and textbook she is on him like white on rice. I must say Daddy is very patient about having little fingers
sneak onto his keyboard when he is working.
So that's a little sneak peak of what our life has been like over the past couple weeks. Nothing earth shattering happened but it was pretty darn fun if you ask me. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull together some pages in the next couple days...

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  1. Great photos, I love the the sunset photo and I have to commend you on having the presence of mind to grab your camera and take the picture with what had just happened with the pull-up!...good job you!!